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This Maserati motorcycle is a two-wheeled Trident treasure

It’s a small-known fact that, in the early 1950s, the hallowed Maserati name could be found on a small selection of Italian motorcycles. This immaculate Tipo 50 T2 is one of them…

Family affair

Nicknamed ‘Rospo’, or ‘toad’ in English, the Tipo 50 was one of the most popular motorcycles to bear the branding of the Trident marque. Due to an internal oversight, however, it was not strictly built by Maserati, but rather by Fabbrica Candele e Accumulatori Maserati – a subsidiary of the Orsi Group parent company that, prior to producing motorcycles, had specialised in spark plugs. The overwhelming post-War demand for two-wheeled transportation meant the decision was taken to purchase an independent motorcycle manufacturer in Bologna.

Unsurprisingly, the bikes themselves were just as beautiful as their namesake’s four-wheeled machines ­– just look at the intricate details on this beautiful Rospo, which is currently for sale in the Classic Driver Market. The Orsi Group’s financial meltdown towards the end of the 1950s quickly put paid to production, and only a small number ever left the factory. This is a fabulous opportunity to tell the tale, and educate people about this lesser-known facet of Maserati history. 

Photos: Classic Youngtimers Consultancy 

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