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Magical Moments: The Time of the Silver Arrows

The Silver Arrows represent one of the most poignant and remarkable eras of motorsport. Now, Mercedes-Benz has recreated the story of the heroes of those daredevil pre-War days with a 530-minute broadcast. We bring you the trailer...

In 10 episodes of around 50 minutes each, the history of the Silver Arrows is told in detail through interviews with Mercedes-Benz experts, collectors, and many great racing legends - including Jackie Stewart and Jochen Mass. There are recreations of the racing action, as well as never-before-seen archive material, skilfully entwined with both recreated and modern-day interviews that capture the high-points, along with the individual tragedies, of that inspiring and dangerous era.

In English/German, the DVD 'Magical Moments - The Time of the Silver Arrows' can be purchased online from Mercedes-Benz Classic.