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Looking for perfect patina? You'll love this Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ

It seems that the Classic Driver office has caught a case of Zagato fever, and this wonderfully patinated Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ by Zagato certainly isn’t helping!

While there’s no denying the appeal of a glass-smooth paint job, there’s something about the time-perfected finish of a car whose paint has been left untouched that we simply adore. And when the car in question looks as stunning as this 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ for sale with Kidston, that’s a combination that is very hard to beat indeed. 

This is one of approximately 200 SZs that were lovingly hand built at great cost between 1960 and 1963. Combining the fast running gear of a Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce with the lightweight and advanced “high penetration” coupé bodywork designed by Elio Zagato, these attractive little Alfas were practically unbeatable in small-capacity rallying and racing in the early 1960s. 

The car you see here, chassis 00043, retains the dark red paint it wore when it raced in the 1963 Targa Florio. While its exterior remains practically untouched, it has been mechanically overhauled, including a full engine rebuild. This Alfa’s history is as rich as its patina is eye-catching, so if you’ve taken a liking to this Giulietta SZ, we encourage you to learn more by looking at the full listing below.