It's 1964

It’s February 1964 and England is poised for world domination – in terms of pop culture, anyway. John, Paul, George and Ringo arrive in New York and America discovers Beatlemania… along with the Liverpudlian interview style. “How did you find America?” – “We went to Greenland and made a left turn”…

At around the same time, Sean Connery is in a studio in West London, touching the shoulder of gold-painted actress Shirley Eaton – which helps the third Bond film, Goldfinger, to rake in a good £125 million worldwide. Meanwhile, America strikes back with the Ford Mustang and Ford GT prototype, two of the best-loved cars of the 20th Century. Discover the other seminal classics that saw the light of day 50 years ago in our (hypothetical) 1964 Classic Driver Motor Show.

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