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The hills were alive at the Bernina Gran Turismo

Once again, the Bernina Gran Turismo proved that no one does a hill climb like the Swiss. Dramatic scenery and equally challenging weather, combined with a diverse selection of classics tearing up the passes, made this year’s event as unmissable as the first…

Shattering the silence

Despite now being in its third year, the sight of everything from the mighty Ferrari 250 ‘Breadvan’ to the delicate Lancia Fulvia Fanalone dancing their way up the slippery ribbons of tarmac on the Bernina Pass never loses its allure. 

One of a kind

Among the assembled automotive heavyweights winding their way up the 5.7km stretch was a fleet of first-class cars from event sponsor JD Classics, including the ex-Fangio Jaguar C-type and the Ford GT40 fresh from a victorious Spa Francorshamps outing. Steeped in history, overflowing with exceptional cars, and set in stunning Switzerland, we already can’t wait for next year’s event…

Photos: Bernina Gran Turismo