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Goodbye, T2: Volkswagen to end Brazilian Kombi production

The Volkswagen Kombi’s goliath 56-year production run is finally up and, to celebrate the achievement, the final 600 T2s will get the special, 'Final Edition' treatment…

The Type 2 Microbus, as it’s now officially known, has been produced in Brazil since September 2, 1957, making it the longest continually produced model in automotive history.

In those 56 years – and despite the more than 1.5 million Kombis produced – it has managed to avoid the growing 'nanny laws' that have seemingly gripped the rest of the western world. But now, perhaps inevitably, the loveable Camper’s time has run out, due to new safety regulations in Brazil itself.

Before production ceases, however, Volkswagen has announced 600 ‘Last Edition’ Kombis to celebrate the end of Brazil’s most successful VW model. Features unique to the ‘Last Edition’ include a commemorative numbered plaque (and certificate of authenticity), Atlanta Blue vinyl upholstery and curtains with branded fasteners, as found on the iconic 60s and 70s models.

The retro blue and white paintwork and classic white-wall tyres all add to the sense of nostalgia, yet the MP3/USB connectivity in the cabin plunges the Kombi into the 21st Century, not to mention livening up that weekend away.

The fact that it has lasted so long is testament to its true versatility, style and verve. If only other classics stood up to the test of time (and safety) as well as the Kombi has. We can think of several motoring delights that we're sure would fly off the forecourts, should they still be on sale today.

Photos: Volkswagen