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This Frankenstein Landy was built for the modern-day Lawrence of Arabia

The bizarre behemoth you’re ogling likely slack-jawed is the Bell Aurens Longnose, a curious blend of classic British roadster and rugged Land Rover. It was originally designed to accommodate the 27-litre V12 from a Spitfire but, unsurprisingly, the German authorities didn’t take kindly to the idea…

“Lawrence of Arabia would have stormed in the Bell Aurens Longnose towards Akaba, and General Montgomery would have roared across the sand dunes of North Africa in pursuit of Rommel.” The description of the Frankenstein off-roader by its creators, German Land Rover enthusiasts Thomas Bell and Holger Kalvelage, couldn’t be more fitting. In today’s world, however, the Longnose perhaps appeals more to Arab playboys or off-roading enthusiasts looking to steal the show at the Tyre Kicker Club. 

It’s based on the elongated underpinnings of a Land Rover Series II from 1967 and is said to be even more effective than the classic SUV when the going gets tough. That we don’t disbelieve, especially when there’s a 4.6-litre Range Rover V8 beneath the bonnet (itself beautifully louvred and measuring two metres in length) and enormous Mickey Thompson studded tyres at each corner. The custom bodywork is arguably more raised Morgan than Land Rover but works in an ‘adorable mongrel’ sort of way. And we simply love the thoughtful details such as the cricket ball gear knob, sporty side-exit exhausts, and string-wrapped steering wheel. 

Photos: Private Seller 

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