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Fly fishing is the hobby of choice for Bentley Bentayga owners...

Bentley is clearly anticipating that its customers will be using their Bentaygas on more than just the school run. Capitalising on the luxury SUV’s ‘go-anywhere ability’, the marque has revealed a special edition Bentayga aimed squarely at fly fishing enthusiasts…

Right to the riverbank 

Bentley’s bespoke coachbuilding division Mulliner has equipped the Bentayga Fly Fishing’s boot with an installation in which all the essentials for a day of fly fishing can be stored. This includes a ‘master tackle’ station, a refreshment case and, most importantly for the preservation of your sumptuous leather interior, a waterproof trunk for your waders, complete with electronic dehumidifier to keep things fresh. As you’d expect, the whole unit has been crafted with Bentley’s finest quilted leathers and woods – never has such a utilitarian hobby been made to feel so luxurious. And, given the capacity of the Bentayga’s boot, you can laugh off bystanders’ comments about the size of your tackle. 

Photos: Bentley 

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