Ferrari goes full circle as its 70th anniversary celebrations get underway

On 12 March 2017, exactly 70 years after Enzo Ferrari test-drove the first car to bear the Cavallino Rampante for the very first time, the company kicked off its anniversary celebrations with a wonderful re-enactment of the moment at the factory gates in Maranello, but with a modern twist…

The start of something new

It was a special moment on Via Abetone Inferiore in Maranello yesterday, when a Ferrari 125 S — the first 12-cylinder Ferrari — met a LaFerrari Aperta for a historic photo opportunity at the famous factory gates. It was 70 years to the day that Enzo Ferrari trundled out onto the roads in the 125 S for the very first time, heralding the beginning of his eponymous company’s illustrious history. The re-enactment marked the beginning of Ferrari’s 70th anniversary celebrations, which will take place in over 60 countries around the world, before culminating at Maranello on 9 and 10 September. 

Photos: Ferrari

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