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Ferrari F620 GT: The countdown begins

If you screw your eyes up… you can just about… No, you can’t really, but the first of the teaser pictures and videos of Ferrari’s latest flagship front-engined GT have just been released.

To be called ‘F620 GT’ (we believe, at any rate – it’s known as ‘F152’ internally at Maranello), pictures of the new car will be released in full on 29 February prior to its in-the-metal reveal at this year’s Geneva Show.

The video shows a disguised car in Massa’s hands testing at Fiorano. Do turn the volume up, 700bhp or so sounds pretty good to us. And 23 seconds in, window down, Felipe finds time to rest his arm on the door - clearly a man used to handling the horsepower.


Photo / Video: Ferrari


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