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Editor's Choice: 1971 De Tomaso Mangusta

If asked to recall a Modenese sports car from the early Seventies, most would think back to the 246 Dino or 365 ‘Daytona’. But concurrently, Ferrari’s neighbour De Tomaso was producing the Mangusta – and a prime example is currently being sold in the Classic Driver Market.

The Mangusta was the second car to be produced by De Tomaso after the initial Vallelunga, with both models sharing the same chassis. It was also the predecessor of the legendary Pantera, and enthusiasts will note some strong similarities between the two cars.

It was penned by Giugiaro while he was employed by Ghia (owned by De Tomaso at the time), and included some striking features in addition to its purposeful stance. Particularly notable were the gullwing engine covers, which rose to reveal the brawny Ford V8.

Mangustas were made in significantly lower numbers than the Pantera – only around 400 were created, with an estimated 250 remaining today. This particular example is one of just 10 right-hand-drive cars built, and has undergone a full overhaul which included a respray to Ferrari TdF Blue. The engine has also been reworked and is now said to produce around 400bhp.

Editor's Choice: 1971 De Tomaso Mangusta Editor's Choice: 1971 De Tomaso Mangusta

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Photos: DK Engineering

You can find De Tomaso cars for sale in the Classic Driver Market.