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This drop-dead gorgeous Mercedes-Benz is good for hunting, too

It’s hunting season again, but you don’t need to aim for the usual Land Rover or shooting brake to impress the woodlanders. This 1965 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is so elegant that the local deer will hand themselves over without resistance just to ride shotgun…

First class S-Class

The ‘Heckflosse’ Mercedes-Benz is one of the greatest getaway cars in automobile history. Resplendent in gleaming piano black, she could give the lowest of the low an air of glamour and even make manslaughter appear like a white-collar crime — just as long as you didn’t take a peek in its cavernous boot. In today’s world, with classless crimes like credit card theft ever prominent, there’s no need for stylish escape vehicles, but as transport for your hunting weekend, there can surely be no rival in the style stakes. This gorgeous example from Portugal’s Konzept Automobile is currently seeking a new hunting partner, and while there’s no denying the light grey interior would be something of a hindrance in that environment, when it looks this good, who cares?