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Caution - this orange BMW 2002 Tii racer packs a punch!

If you’re looking to get some track time in 2023, then you could hardly do better than this orange BMW 2002 Tii race car for sale with Eleven Cars.

In nature, aposematic colouration is where small creatures use bright colours to warn predators against turning them into a snack, and this 1972 BMW 2002 Tii racer’s Colorado Orange paint scheme seems to do just that on the racetrack. Bigger and more powerful racing cars beware: this little BMW packs a punch!

Recently fully restored to Group 2 homologation standards, this 2002 Tii has been uprated with refurbished Bilstein suspension at all four corners, while Group 2 anti-roll bars and strut bars were also added. Inside, you’ll notice a Group 2 roll cage, Sparco bucket seats, a new harness, and of course, the all-important fire extinguisher in case of emergency.

Under the hood, you’ll find that the BMW 4 cylinder engine has been beefed-up to produce a hearty 190 horsepower, thanks to a new balanced crankshaft, new rod bearings, and a new camshaft, among other upgrades. The GETRAG gearbox has also been overhauled, so this tiny Bimmer should fly around the racetrack. To sweeten the deal, this race-ready rocket is accompanied by a mountain of spares, including a new original engine and 12 lightweight wheels. So, if you’re dying for some track action in 2023, look no further than this 2002 Tii for sale with Eleven Cars.