The Bollinger B1 is the SUV for the conscientious off-road explorer

Built in the United States, the Bollinger B1 may not be the most attractive of SUVs, with its short and squat stature, but where it lacks in style, it makes up for in innovativeness and ingenuity…

Rugged meets practical

While more and more major manufacturers are announcing all-electric SUVs, the B1 is the first automobile to be produced by New York’s Bollinger Motors. Featuring a low centre of gravity, with the battery pack, front and rear motors, and power-management systems under the floors and between the chassis rails, the Gunhouse Grey machine fits four passengers inside its retro-inspired interior, which includes circular gauges, a three-spoke steering wheel, and a column-mounted shifter. But when it comes to an all-electric SUV, style is often side-lined by performance, and the B1’s performance is pretty impressive: 360hp, 472ft-lb of torque, and 0–60mph in 4.5 seconds. In terms of batteries, two versions can be had — the 60-kWh pack, which has a 120-mile range, and the 200-mile range 100-kWh pack. Both versions will be fitted with fast charging, which provides an 80 percent charge in an hour. Bollinger will be accepting down payments, starting at $1,000, in 2018 and anticipates deliveries to begin in 2019. For the outdoorsman who likes to stray off the beaten path but is also conscientious of his carbon footprint, this SUV seems like a no-brainer.

Photos: Bollinger Motors

For more information on the B1, visit Bollinger Motor’s website. Alternatively, more conventionally powered SUVs can be found for sale in the Classic Driver Market.