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‘Blue Whale’ spotting — the Porsche 935 resurfaces

When our friend Ricardo Pessoa of Cool & Vintage sent us an email to say he had been to check out a Porsche 935, we knew to expect something special, but even we weren’t ready for the stunning photo set of this rare beast lying dormant…

Coming up for air

From a period of sheer lunacy in racing, the Group 5 Porsche 935 still stands out as a truly absurd machine. Sitting in the rear of the incredibly wide, vented, and winged blue-and-yellow monster is a 3.3-litre turbocharged six cylinder running between 500 and 650 horsepower, depending on turbo pressure (or bravery of the driver), in a machine with a kerb weight of just over 1,000kg. This particular example, known affectionately as the ‘Blue Whale’, was campaigned extensively in period on tracks such as the Nürburgring, Hockenheim, and Spa, and is currently being restored by Tony Vos and Peter Prosten (famed Porsche racing driver and mechanic) in Germany. As the photos show, the 935 is taking fine shape and will soon be back where it belongs — on legendary circuits, at full speed, hunting down the great and the good…

Photos: Cool & Vintage

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