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The best 90s wheels that have us spinning round and round

Big tunes, big wheels, big attitude. The 1990s was a time for expression, even more so after witnessing the impact the 80s left on fashion, design, and of course, cars. Now let's take a look at the wheels from the nineties that left the biggest impression on us.

Cars during this era were pushing the envelope in style, power and presence. Whether it was Porsche continuing their tradition of crazy shades like Rubystone Red and Maritime Blue, or pure performance from the Lamborghini Diablo, the 90s helped to inspire the cars we see on the road today. It might seem obvious, but all of the iconic vehicles we think of from this era have one thing in common… they have wheels.

Many of the wheel designs from the nineties are incredible, though, complementing the car’s lines perfectly. Wheels such as AMG’s Aero 2 Monoblocks, and Porsche’s Turbo Twists often found on the 993 are just a few standouts for us here at Classic Driver. In fact, while writing this article, we found something we’d never heard of before. One of BMW’s best wheel designs, the Style 21s or ‘Throwing Stars’ often seen on early 90s M5s and 850is, are actually hubcaps?!

If you feel lied to, that's totally fine (so do we), but that does mean a Style 21 owner can swap out the caps and fit the equally-cool turbines without ever having to purchase new wheels. After that massive revelation, we think we need a lie down...

Before we go, check out these ten 90s icons with wheels to die for: