We would buy these 10 collector cars for their wheels alone

As one recognises a true gentleman by his shoes, the best sports cars can always be identified by their wheel choices. Here are our 10 all-time favourite wheel designs…

“I'm young enough to know the right car to buy, yet grown enough not to put rims on it,” rapped Jay-Z in his hit song “30 Something”. In fact, in the world of sophisticated automobiles, there’s a clear indication as to whether an owner has a real sense of style or just too much money — the wheels. Nothing can finish off a car’s look better than a set of well-fitting rims, with even the most beautiful sports cars instantly losing their appeal when wearing the wrong style. But it’s not just the chrome rollers from the tuning catalogue that can be a boorish mistake — even original rims can contradict the character of a car.

Do you prefer the filigree-style Borrani wire rims on a 1960s Ferrari? Or would you rather the simple yet sporty Campagnolo aluminium wheels? Are Fuchs wheels the only choice for a classic Porsche 911? And are golden BBSs a sacrilege or the most authentic choice for some sports cars? Whoever wants to start an argument at a car meeting needs to merely question one’s rim preferences and a heated conversation is due to follow. For fun, just mention one of the following icons of wheel design and their automotive ‘host bodies’ at your next local Cars & Coffee meet, and then sit back and watch the chatter spread.

10 rim styles that have reinvented the wheel