Aston Martin DB9 GT Bond Edition previews the release of ‘Spectre’

Aston Martins have been faithful partners to James Bond for over 50 years now. In light of the forthcoming 007 thriller, ‘Spectre’, Aston Martin has launched (another) limited-edition version of the DB9. We did look for the ejector seats and flame-throwers, but to no avail…

You can’t dispute that Aston Martin knows how to make the most of its longstanding relationship with England’s best-known spy. We recently saw the DB10, 007’s new car for ‘Spectre’, and now the elderly DB9 receives a special Bond send-off. The limited run of 150 cars is recognisable by each car's sterling silver plaque, special embroidery and ‘Spectre Silver’ paintwork. Opt for the Bond edition Omega Seamaster and the matching luggage from Globetrotter, and you’ll be set for your next secret mission (minus the weapons, obviously).   

Photos: Aston Martin

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