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This armoured Maybach Pullman is ideal for kingpins and criminals alike

Don’t want to risk life and limb while signing that controversial new treaty or entertaining your fellow diplomats? Then Mercedes-Maybach has just the car for you – an armoured version of its opulent Pullman…

Up to no good?

Developed alongside the regular models so as not to compromise interior space and luxury, the S-Class Guard range is spearheaded by the goliath Pullman limousine, which protects its occupants from bullets and explosions thanks to the use of steel plates, extremely strong fabrics and polycarbonate-lined windows. Sure, the car’s bulletproof vest comes at a price, both in terms of price (around 1.5m euros) and weight. The latter – around 5,000kg – is offset somewhat by a 530bhp twin-turbo V12, developing a hefty 612 lb-ft of torque. But then you can’t put a price on peace of mind and safety – particularly when there’s a baying mob of angry protestors blocking your route into work. 

Photos: Daimler AG

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