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Are Porsche’s illustrious Long Tail racers making a comeback?

Though this unofficial Porsche Vision Gran Turismo won’t make it into the cult-classic racing game, the 908/04 Long Tail homage is, without doubt, the best Vision GT concept we’ve clapped eyes on...

Rebirth of an icon

A sensational concoction of Porsche’s illustrious past, cutting-edge present and awe-insiring future, the 908/04 Vision GT Concept was rendered by a team of six digital artists, who took obvious inspiration from the 1969 Porsche 908 LH prototype while staying true to the current design principles of the Stuttgart marque. It’s based on the 918 Spyder, and has been designed as a ‘physically feasible’ back-to-basics sports car, appealing to the driving enthusiast, hence the inclusion of a manual gearbox. Owing to controversial licensing issues, Porsche does not feature in Gran Turismo, not that this car would make it into the game anyway – it is an unofficial project. Retro design-cues are abundant, such as the cooling fan atop the engine a la the original 908and the 1980s Turbofan-esque wheels. We sincerely hope Porsche is watching... 

Photos: Porsche Vision GT

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