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This Alfa Romeo GTV6 is a South African homologation hero

South Africa has its fair share of homologation specials, and this immaculate Alfa Romeo GTV6 3.0 available with Crossley & Webb is one of the best.

At Classic Driver, we’re rather partial to a homologation special or two, and South Africa is home to some of the most intriguing entries into the genre. There’s the snarling Ford Capri Perana, the BMW 333i, and perhaps our favourite, the Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0. We’ve gotten up close and personal with one of these rare Afro-Italian beasts in the past, but now there’s a chance to acquire your very own example thanks to Crossley & Webb

Built to compete in the South African Group One series during the 1980s, the GTV6 3.0 was one of the most successful racers of its time, taking home gold at 70% of the races it entered. It should be no surprise, then, that the road going variant is pretty special too, and this recently restored Alfa looks to be a prime example of the breed. The Giugiaro-designed exterior is truly eye catching in this patriotic crimson hue, while those pinstriped seats are simply begging you to climb aboard and go for a spin. 

Only 212 of these cars were ever built, each fitted with a bored and stroked 3.0-litre ‘Busso’ V6 capable of producing an impressive 186 horsepower and 222 Nm of torque. Despite their rarity and racing pedigree, the GTV6 3.0 remains a comparative hidden gem on the global collector car scene, and considering the rise in values of cars from this era in recent years, it could prove to be a wise investment for any discerning collector. However, we say forget the values, and simply get out and enjoy one of South Africa’s greatest automotive heroes!