The 50th anniversary Plus 8 will be the final V8-powered Morgan

After 50 years as the crowning jewel of the Morgan Motor Company fleet, the Plus 8 is set to retire and, with it, the V8 that resides under its bonnet. For its final farewell, Morgan has built 50 anniversary-edition examples, which will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show…

The final 50

The first Morgan Plus 8 was built in 1968 and, for a small British car manufacturer, it had a big impact on the motoring world, with over 6,000 examples built — despite an eight-year hiatus when the production of the Rover V8 engine ceased. Luckily, with the introduction of the 4.8-litre BMW V8 in 2012, the Plus 8 was reborn. Now, 50 years after it was first introduced, the Plus 8 will ‘officially’ go into retirement, along with its naturally aspirated V8. To honour its crowning jewel, the Morgan Motor Company has built 50 anniversary-edition examples. Each will have an individual number, identifying itself as one of the final 50 Plus 8 Morgans, and — if we’re going off the newly released images of the first example — painted in a scheme reminiscent of an iconic Plus 8 of the past. For example, the first is wearing a blue lacquered paint finish in honour of the first Plus 8 production model (known as MMC11), with hand-painted yellow accents around the front grille, bonnet, and on the rear towing eyes. Want to see the first of the final 50 Morgan Plus 8s in the metal? It will be officially revealed on 6 March at the Geneva Motor Show.

Photos: Morgan Motor Company

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