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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

As certain as the sun rising in the east, the Classic Driver Market never fails to deliver a sumptuous array of desirable collector cars. Here are five that stood out this week.

A Family of Alfaholics

Perhaps the greatest fear you can have as a car addict is that your offspring won’t share your love of automobiles. If there’s ever been a sure-fire way to pass down your obsession, this Alfaholics-tuned 1972 Alfa Romeo Giulia Familiare is the solution, because if growing up in the backseat of this ex-Polizia Stradale Giulia doesn’t instil a deep appreciation for Italian classics in your children, there was never a chance of saving them in the first place.

Completely restored from the ground-up and boasting an Alfaholics engine, GTA short-ratio gearbox, racing diff, GTA-R brake kit, and GTA suspension, this 185 horsepower rocket should put any modern super estate on high alert. Refinished in its original shade of Polizia Stradale Green over a beautiful tan leather interior, complete with ‘Mousehair’ dash, this is the ultimate family car if you ask us! 




Red Shift

This is a truly fantastic example of one of Honda’s greatest ever sports cars, and I should know because this is actually my car! That’s right folks, this is your chance to acquire a sports car direct from the Classic Driver stable. This 2005 Honda S2000 GT has been my faithful automotive companion for two years, never missing a beat, and remains tastefully unmodified.

The S2000’s diminutive size, that screaming F20C 2.0-litre engine, its ultra-sweet gearshift, and the surprisingly supple suspension all add up to make it a wonderfully daily-drivable sports car. The addition of that hard top means you can savour that 9000 rpm redline long into the autumn, after many other convertibles will have been stowed away. If you’ve dreamt of owning one of the best roadsters ever built, and in a fabulous combination of New Formula Red over black leather, forget that MX-5 you've been looking at, this is the one to have (although I may be a little biased).




Glory be to Godzilla

Ripped straight from the car select screen of Gran Turismo 2, this Hasemi Motorsport 1994 Nissan Skyline GT-R JGTC-GT1 (say that three times fast) is the car that helped earn the ‘Godzilla’ nickname by terrifying its rivals on track in the 1990s.

You might recognise its radioactive Unisia JECS livery from our 25th Anniversary Display at the Concours of Elegance, and we can safely say our love for this monster hasn’t diminished in the slightest since then. Driven in-period by Masahiro Hasemi, aka ‘Mr. Skyline’, this R32 took home silver in the 1994 All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship. However, its greatest achievement has to be the way it annihilated the competition at the 1994 24 Hours of Tokachi. As the final evolution of Godzilla’s R32-generation incarnation, this is the ultimate track toy for any JDM fanatic. 




Swiss Safari

Switzerland may not be home to Africa’s Big Five, but we’d trade a sighting of any of the continent’s elusive wildlife for a ride in this genuine unicorn: the only 5-door Monteverdi Safari ever built. With a higher launch price than its natural rival, the Range Rover, the Safari needed to compensate by showing the Brits the true definition of luxury, something this Monteverdi is certainly not short of!

The exterior is appropriately boxy for a 1978 model year SUV, while the interior is packed to the leather headlining with the finer things, including a refrigerator and even a Brionvega television! Showing just 18,000 kilometres on the odometer, this Safari’s 5.7-litre V8 purrs just like it did back in the 1970s and is ready to be enjoyed by the next custodian. So, if you’re looking for the pinnacle of classic off-roaders, your search ends here. 




Golden Child

Aston Martin’s modern era is defined by their obsession with the Golden Ratio, and none of their cars adhere as closely to these divine proportions as the One-77. This 2012 example is number 40 of — you guessed it — 77 examples ever made, making it twice as rare as Aston’s latest halo car, the Valkyrie, and about ten times rarer than any of the hybridised holy trinity.

Today, the One-77 looks just as futuristic yet timeless as it did at launch, especially in this sinister combination of black over red, and it still boasts one of the best rear-ends ever designed. Powered by a 750 horsepower naturally-aspirated V12 — the most powerful ever built at the time — this One-77 certainly still has the pace to keep up with any of the modern crop of supercars. We’ll also never tire of peering in at the glorious exposed suspension components through the rear window. The One-77 truly is a masterclass in automotive theatre.