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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

You know the drill - it's Thursday so we've got five bonafide classics for you to peruse. Whether you're looking for something new or old, reliable or Italian, we've found a collector car for you.

Silly name, cool car

There’s no denying it, this 2020 Aston Martin DBS On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Edition has to have one of the most convoluted names ever attached to a car. We get it, James Bond drives an Aston. Don’t let the name detract from what is otherwise an awesome spec on a fantastic car, though. Finished in Olive Green, matching the shade of Bond’s 1969 DBS, this 716 BHP, V12 monster of a grand tourer would easily outrun pretty much every baddie in the Bond franchise. As one of just 50 cars made worldwide, it’s a rare beast too. So, would you take this over a regular DBS, or would you drop some syllables and save some change in the process? 


The blue bomber 

While the above DBS is indeed a fine motorcar, we’d much rather be storming down the Autobahn in this 1991 Mercedes 560 SEC. Finished in Nautic Blue with an extremely fetching blue velour interior, you’re sure to feel anything but blue from behind the wheel of this German rocket ship. The cherry on top, or rather beneath this low-mileage Merc are the split AMG alloys, which perfectly compliment the two-tone paint. So if you’re looking for a continental cruiser, why not go for one of the great bullet-proof coupes to come from Mercedes?



Sometimes it really takes willpower to write Market Finds without putting in offers on all the cars we find, and that’s especially true in the case of this immaculate 1986 2.5-litre Alfa Romeo GTV 6. The combination of dark red paint with the beige interior had us clutching for our wallets at first sight. Factor in the delightful 2.5-litre V6 under the bonnet and it almost becomes too much to resist. This charming Alfa has just over 100,000 kms on the clock, which is just enough to prove this Alfa has been enjoyed sufficiently in the past without being run into the ground. Please, for our sake, someone buy this thing before we make any financially regrettable decisions. 


Summer in Milan

There’s perhaps no better combination in the automotive world than Lancia and Touring, a point which this 1964 Lancia Flaminia ‘Chinese Eye’ makes a very strong case for. Okay, the name is perhaps a little culturally insensitive, but it was the 60s, and after one look at this stunning convertible you’ll have forgotten all about the name. This isn’t just any Flaminia either, being the most powerful 3C 2.8-litre version as the gorgeous enamel bonnet badge proves. Just 180 examples of these drop-dead drop-tops were made, and this stunning combination of Epsom Grey over red leather interior is as good as you could hope for. Wether you plan to drive it or just stare at it, this Flaminia is an excellent choice. 


Would you like ketchup with that? 

If the Dodge Viper isn’t somehow sufficiently American for you, then we recommend looking in the direction of this 1 of 166 1996 Dodge Viper SR II Ketchup and Mustard edition. Featuring a monolithic 8.0-litre 421 hp V10, this Viper should be approached with caution, especially as it lacks any form of ABS or traction control. You might be thinking that the Mustard element of the name is missing, and you’d be right, because those chrome wheels were initially bright yellow from factory. Thankfully, someone other than Ronald McDonald saved this Viper from a serious fashion faux pa, but we have to admit we’d love to see it restored to original condition, yellow rims and all.