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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

This week’s Market Finds is all about horsepower, whether your flavour of choice is American, German, or Italian, there’s a collector car with an ample helping of ponies to keep you entertained.

Will it daily? 

Last week we suggested that for the price of a new hot hatch, it might make sense to get a classic hot hatch instead. This week, we’re making the completely nonsensical suggestion that instead of purchasing a completely reasonable vehicle, you could buy this ultra-cool ex-NASCAR 2012 Roush Fenway race car. After all, for just over $30,000 we doubt you’ll find anything even half as exciting, or as good value. Under the bonnet is a 550hp LS3 V8 tuned to run on regular fuel and it has recently benefited from a new clutch assembly, new front brake disks, a new rear axle, and new Eibach springs, among other upgrades. The only question now is how to get a license plate on it. 


The connoisseur's fast BMW 

BMW's M cars have always looked the business, however, in the UK at least, M cars of a certain age have a rather unfortunate association with, let’s say, the less well behaved drivers on the roads. Thankfully, Alpina has always remained a mark of good taste, and this 1990 Alpina B11 is the perfect example of the thinking man's Autobahn missile. With its lovely combination of dark grey paint and gold Alpina pin striping, complete with the excellent Alpina multispoke rims, we could hardly think of a more stylish chariot for your next European road trip. 


Definitely from the 80s 

Take one look at this 1985 Ferrari Testarossa Monospecchio in Bianco Avus, and you’ll immediately know which decade it’s from, even if you aren’t a car guy. After all, is there anything more 80s than a cocaine-spec Ferrari? We think not. Don’t let this Prancing Horse’s Miami Vice paintwork put you off though, because this is one of the greatest Ferrari designs of all time, and for less than a used 488 GTB, you could be cruising with the most elite of supercar royalty. This Testarossa has covered a healthy 81,333 miles in its time, meaning you should have no worries about piling on a few more. Maybe just stay away from the marching powder. 


Autobahn royalty 

The 928 is undoubtedly the most focused grand tourer Porsche ever made, and this 1992 Porsche 928 GTS was at the absolute pinnacle of Porsche’s range when it was built. Finished in Nachtblau with a blue leather interior, we imagine this 928 GTS would have more überholprestige prestige under the streetlights of the Autobahn at night than anything else with four wheels, short of perhaps a Unimog. With 58,409 miles on the odometer this 928 has clearly been driven sparingly in its almost 30 year lifespan - the only slight catch is its automatic transmission, but that would arguably only add to its GT credentials. 


A Merc fit for a mob boss 

The standard 560 SEC is undoubtedly a modern classic, but it does have a slight hint of grandfather-mobile about it. A criticism nobody would dare make of this 1987 Mercedes 560 SEC AMG 6.0 Widebody, which falls squarely in the realm of the Godfather. With a monolithic 6.0-litre V8 pushing out 385bhp and as much torque as the sun, this mean Merc is old-school AMG at it’s finest. As one of just 50 cars estimated to have been built, it’s also an incredibly rare beast and would likely place in every self-respecting petrol head’s ultimate 10-car garage. If you have the means, we think you owe it to yourself to add this German hot rod to your collection.