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5 collector cars to put into your garage this week

With one day left before the weekend, we’ve prepared five classics for you to let loose in. Whether that means a relaxing continental tour, some top-down motoring, or just lapping the track - this week’s Market Finds has it!

Dream car, dream livery 

This 1976 Porsche 934 is one for the serious Porsche nuts. Driven by IMSA GT Champion racing driver Al Holbert and having competed in the 1976 Trans-am Series, 24 Hours of Daytona, and 12 Hours of Sebring, racking up 4 podium finishes in the process, this is a true track veteran. It’s also true unicorn as number 22 of just 31 cars built by Porsche, and a terrifying one at that. The 3.0 litre air cooled flat six above the rear wheels had its power pushed to over 485 startled horses with the help of a whopping turbocharger. While this 934 certainly looks every bit the racecar it actually is, that doesn’t mean it’s completely spartan inside because the 930-gen 911 Turbo’s weight was already close to the Group 4 weight limit, meaning headliner, armrests, carpet, storage compartment, door cards, and power windows all made it into the racer. Benefitting from a complete ground-up restoration, this could be the track weapon for you. 


All aboard the Black Train

The Bentley Continental R is one of those cars that almost seems removed from time - too modern to be almost 25 years old, and simultaneously too classically good looking to be from the 90s, either way, we like it more and more every year. This 1998 Narrow Body Mulliner R is no normal Continental R however, because it belongs to an ultra-exclusive run of just 10 special cars planned for US market under the stupidly cool nickname “Black Train”. Named for their all-black specification and combination of the more powerful 420hp 6.75 Litre V8 from the Continental T with the narrow, longer body of the Continental R, this “Black Train” is even more exclusive, being the only one built for European specification. Currently owned by Guglielmo Miani, this Bentley was one of the stars of Fuoriconcorso back in 2019. Just over 23,000 miles have been covered by this sinister luxobarge, so if you’re looking for one hell of a sleeper, then this is it. 


Europe’s Mustang

Built by Ric WOOD on the basis of a Capri road car, this 1971 Ford Capri 2600RS Gr2 is perfect for anyone who wants to join in some classic racing, such as Peter Auto’s new HTC championship. The previous owner was apparently an avid racer and gave Equipe Europe carte blanch to ensure this Capri’s on-track dominance. Boasting a V6 that has been fettled to 350hp and one hell of a livery, this shouty Capri comes ready to race with some important spares, including a rear axle and gearbox. If you’re planning to take to the track, then this might be the more civilised alternative to a race-prepped mustang. 


Ballistic Bimmer 

Anyone who played Need for Speed Most Wanted back in the day will take an immediate liking to an E46 M3 with a bodykit and a big wing, however this car is crazier than anything you’ll find in an arcade racer. This is a 2001 BMW M3 GTR, and it’s here to take your lunch money. One of just five cars built by PTG and BMW for the Rolex Grand-Am Championship, this is rarer still, being one of two which were equipped with a dry sump 5.0L V8 race engine, rather than the inline 6-cylinder due to a clever loophole in the rules. While bad luck and mechanical woes meant this beast of a BMW never found the success it perhaps deserved on track, it looks to be in pristine condition and more than willing to hit the asphalt once more. 


Perfectly Zagato 

It’s hard to imagine that the delightfully awkward Alfa Romeo SZ could be made to look even more disproportionate, especially considering it earned itself the nickname “Il Mostro”, but Zagato managed to do just that with the RZ by lopping the roof off. This 1993 Alfa Romeo RZ might not be for everyone, but the underpinnings it shares with its hard top brother and the Alfa Romeo 75 QV are a proven recipe for driving delight. It’s rare too - this one is number 134 of a mere 278 RZs ever made, and sitting here in its stunning yellow paintwork with just under 30,000 miles on the clock it certainly does start to grow on you.