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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

It’s coming, freedom is in our sights, but what to drive first and where to go? Maybe you are itching for a track day or maybe you want to get along to a car meet. Maybe you’re quite happy alone and just want to drive into the woods and chop wood. Don’t worry, we have you all covered this week!

March Hare

Cobwebs. Our cars, brains and driving skills are covered in cobwebs after what feels like forever since we got out and really had a proper blast. So, why not blow away those cobwebs in the most intense and spine-tingling way? This super cool Alfa Romeo powered, March F3000 car will be just the cure. In period, F3000 cars were the final step up the racing ladder to Formula 1. Today these cars present just as much of the experience, with wide slick tyres, uninterrupted body lines and you just know that the Alfa Romeo engine will scream with delight as you accelerate down the pitlane following the footsteps of your favourite ‘80s racer.


An Ace chassis

Carroll Shelby approaching AC to fit the Ford V8 in the little Ace is of course the stuff of legend. But the charms of this beautiful 1959 AC Ace Bristol are perhaps even more appealing than the fire breathing Cobra. A car fit for weekend drives that could still hold its own on a race track. In 1959 Ted Whiteaway and John Turner drove an AC Ace Bristol to a class win at Le Mans. It’s somewhat unsurprising that Shelby had noticed the capabilities of the Ace and could see it’s race winning potential with a bigger engine. But the Ace is the gentleman’s choice. Plenty of power to be fun but still timelessly elegant.


Slick Cat

Smoking is not cool, despite what all those iconic photographs of your favourite film stars might suggest. But the cars that raced in the liveries of those cigarette brands are very cool. But which one is the best? Surely this 1989 Jaguar XJR-11 puts up a good argument for the purple and gold Silk Cut cars. With a raft of podium success and driven by four different Le Mans winners this cool cat has serious provenance and would be welcomed at many of the major motoring events around the world.


Function over form

Ok, so it’s not pretty, but it is most certainly functional and here at Classic Driver HQ we also think it’s pretty cool. What better way to drive off in to the woods than in this 2002 Land Rover Defender HCPU. And as winter turns to spring and the sunshine comes back, this is surely the ultimate pub and picnic vehicle? You will be the most popular person in your friend circle! In the meantime, enjoy its off-road talents and go chop some wood.


Unashamedly ‘90s

You read Classic Driver so you already know that the ‘90s are back, and this 1993 Porsche 968 Club Sport is about as ‘90s as you can get. Those pure and simple Porsche shapes, the bold colour coding, it’s like a life-size toy car. But the 968 CS also remains a relative bargain amongst the expensive 911s of the same era. Less than 2000 cars were built, and this has all the important option boxes ticked including the MO30 Performance Chassis pack. Stand out for the 911 crowd with this undervalued legend.