5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

The magic and curse of collecting is that you never achieve your goal: There is always another rare, extraordinary, unique classic automobile that would really make your garage shine. So, which of these five cars will keep you awake this week?

Little Scorpion

Of course, the big 1960s racing cars from Ferrari and Maserati are amazing! And yet it is the small, light and agile sports prototypes from the Abarth racing team that immediately make my arm hairs stand on end. This 1966 Fiat Abarth 1000SP, weighs barely 500 kilos. The modest, one-litre inline four-cylinder, with around 100 hp had an easy job when it came to letting the purist Scorpion stir up every field. For a long-time this Barchetta was part of a Japanese collection, now it is being sold by BH Auction in Tokyo.

The G model of our dreams

Classic SUVs are the collector's cars of the hour. And at the top of many a wish list is a purists Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Ideally without an AMG engine on steroids, without greasy leather seats, just simple and elegant. Driven by a 170 hp six-cylinder engine, painted in the very nineties colour Bornit Metallic and equipped with wonderful, contemporary mélange fabric seats, this car ticks many boxes. Add to that some understated matt white five-spoke rims and this Mercedes-Benz 300 GE, which was delivered in 1992, is pretty much perfect. In addition, this object of our desire - currently for sale at Eleven Cars in Paris - has only had three owners and the speedometer shows a modest 49,000 kilometres. What more do you want?

There's no shame in losing to Senna!

On May 12, 1984, twenty identical Mercedes-Benz 190s started at the Nürburgring in what from today's point of view was an almost unbelievable showdown of the Formula 1 legends. In addition to world champions such as Niki Lauda, ​​James Hunt, John Surtees, Phil Hill and honorary champion Stirling Moss, a young, little-known pilot named Ayrton Senna took to the grid. After a breath-taking high-speed drive, he won the cup title. Just three weeks later, he would write racing history in Monaco. All but Senna's winning car were sold by Mercedes - John Watson's car, who finished 5th in the race, is now being offered by Chelsea 1979 in Spain.


Venezuelan Alberto "Johnny" Cecotto not only had one of the wildest curly hairstyles in motorsport history - he was also a remarkably versatile driver. After great success in the motorcycle world championship, he switched over to Formula 1 and then on to touring cars. He achieved numerous victories in the scintillating DTM series. In 1989 BMW honoured Cecotto’s achievements with a special edition of the BMW M3. This wonderful example in Macao blue is now being auctioned by Silverstone Auctions.

One of 30

After the manual Ferrari 599 GTB - which we presented to you a few weeks ago - was sold in no time, via Classic Driver, we do not want to withhold this “sister car” from you! Painted in the timeless “Tour du France Blu” with a matching interior in “Carta” di Zucchero blu, this elegant Fiorano is one of only 30 models built with the famous open shift gate. Gallery Aaldering in the Netherlands look forward to your call.