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5 collector cars to put in your garage this week

From Rene Arnoux’s final Ferrari Formula 1 car to a Chevrolet ‘Supervette’, this week’s selection of cars from the Classic Driver Market is as ice-cool as it is diverse…

Vivacious in Vinaccia 

The only thing cooler than this 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari’s colour combination is that its original owner chose the special exterior shade of Vinaccia to match his Ferrari 250 GT California Spider and the interior colour Pelle Chiodi di Garofano to match that of his Ferrari 166 MM. What’s more, this is the only example of Ferrari’s flagship model to be painted in this impossibly elegant shade of dark red. 

A famous Frenchman’s final Ferrari 

Despite recovering from an early puncture and charging through the field to finish a remarkable fourth, Rene Arnoux was fired from Ferrari following the 1985 season-opening Brazilian Grand Prix. The reasoning was shrouded in mystery, though Arnoux’s positively lacklustre results in the previous year were likely the catalyst. The car the Frenchman drove in his final race for the Scuderia Ferrari was the 156/85, a car that was it not for its fragile engine and turbochargers would have been in the running for the championship. Are you brave enough to stick your feet ahead of the front axle and brave the 80obhp monoposto today? 

The angriest Corvette of all 

If a ‘regular’ racing Chevrolet Corvette is a sledgehammer, then this 1977 IMSA Supervette is a pneumatic drill, loud and fierce enough to shake the teeth from your gums. It’s one of two Corvettes designed and built with tubular chassis and has magnesium brakes from the Porsche 935 and an enormous big-block V8 beneath the bonnet that’s good for more than 750HP. It’s recently been restored to the specification in which it ran under the JLP Racing banner, a team whose propensity for criminal activity is arguably more well-known than its pretty good record on the track. 

Affalterbach’s finest? 

When it was revealed in 2014, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series was praised by motoring journalists for its potent naturally aspirated V8 and its superb steering. The Black Series now commands around double what it cost from new, but while most examples were specified in shouty yellow with carbon-fibre bits strewn all over, this as-new car from 2015 is finished entirely in black, over a matching black interior. What’s more, it’s covered just 86km – a fact that is scarcely believable given how supposedly good the car is to drive. 

‘Sorry officer’

If there’s a sure-fire way of deterring civilian road users from evading the police, it’s pulling up behind them with blues and twos on in a Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Cabriolet. The Dutch police had this exact idea in the 1990s – this example from 1993 is one of the last Porsches built for the Dutch police and still has all the special equipment fitted such as the sirens, signalling system, and blue lights. It was also occasionally used as a royal escort. As a talking point, we think it’s a rather fun one! 

Photos: Duncan Hamilton ROFGO, Kessel, Canepa Motorsport, Thiesen Berlin