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10 of the last true Bentleys that don’t cost a fortune

Awesome V8 engines melded with handcrafted and highly personalised bodies and interiors — the Bentleys of the 1990s and early 2000s are works of art on wheels. Why, then, can they be acquired for well below 50,000 euros?

In distinguished British families, it was once considered understated to drive and care for a Bentley — an object of timeless elegance — for decades. Should the neighbours park the latest model on the driveway of their mansion, they were most likely nouveau riche. It’s perhaps surprising, then, that certain Bentleys younger than two decades old, and equipped by their original owners with all the luxuries you can imagine, cost less than a modern Volkswagen Golf. At Silverstone Auctions’ sale on 19 May, for example, a 2003 Bentley Arnage T with just 12,500 miles on the clock is estimated to fetch 40,000–50,000 GBP. And, remarkably, there are many even cheaper than that, as the Classic Driver Market proves… 

10 affordable Bentleys with which you could grow old