You can change the look of this BMW every day of the week

With its modular architecture, the BMW R nineT has taken the custom motorcycle market by storm. The Hookie Co. team in Dresden has now taken the concept one step further and developed a design kit for the motorcycle that can be changed in no time at all…

Anyone wishing to change their motorcycle as often as their outfits needs either a very generous budget (and a large garage, come to think of it) or a clever solution. Fortunately, the custom bike builders over at Hookie Co. have the answer. They’ve developed a new kit comprising a sub-frame, 11-litre tank, and Alcantara saddle for the BMW R nineT, a bike that was predestined for conversion thanks to its modular architecture. 

The system is so simple that even people whose technical skills extend as far as assembling an Ikea sofa will have no issues replacing the tank covers. And so, you can arrive at your co-working space on Monday morning in the tricolour livery of BMW’s motorsport division, on Tuesday in stealth black, on Wednesday in the aggressive track design, on Thursday in intrepid green. And if you’re working on casual Friday instead of tearing up the highways, you’re probably not worthy of a custom bike such as this BMW R nineT from Hookie Co.     

For more information, please visit the Hookie Co. website.