These may well be the custom motorcycles of the future

From a colour change to a complete redesign, Barbara Custom Motorcycles can make your two-wheeled dreams come true — and maybe even help realise some dreams that you never knew you had. With its latest series of concepts, we get a taste of what the future could hold for the motorcycle…

Photoshop preparers

France-based motorcycle design studio Barbara Custom Motorcycles may be relatively new on the scene, but its concepts are proving that it could be here for years to come. With its new futuristic, sci-fi-inspired series of bike concepts, featuring no less than 35 designs, Barbara has given the two-wheeled racers of BMW, Triumph, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki a reboot. Along with designs that fall on pretty much every range of the spectrum, from clean, pure, minimalist lines to streamlined full body fairings to a jumble of junk that shouldn’t create a bike but somehow work — think post-apocalyptic Mad Max style —each concept features an equally clever name, such as ‘Elvis Has Left the Building’, ‘Hair of the Dog’, and ‘The Right Stuff’.

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