On the Slow Burn with Icon 1000

Every builder of custom café racers will tell you about their unique style and philosophy, but one thing generally remains consistent (and we’re not talking about the beards) – that any superfluous equipment is removed. This BMW R90/6 ‘Slow Burn’ by Icon 1000 is no different...

A military vibe

Icon 1000 is a motorcycle apparel brand that occasionally builds off-the-wall concept café racers that don’t take themselves too seriously. This Seventies BMW R90/6 – dubbed ‘Slow Burn’ – has a military vibe and boasts myriad modifications, including an extensively reworked frame, new mono-shock rear suspension and stubby exhaust tips from a Honda CRF450. Knobbly tyres, an oversized Hella front light, a subtly tweaked fuel tank, and rear cargo rack complete the look. 

Photos: Icon 1000