The Saietta R is a new breed of motorcycle

This peculiar and frankly quite scary-looking contraption is the Saietta R, an electric bike that tears up the rulebook of conventional motorcycle design…

Clean sheet

The Saietta R was designed on a clean sheet of paper, free of the constraints of conventional motorcycle design – hence it looks unlike any other motorcycle. That distinctive (and some would say ungainly) hump conceals the lithium-ion battery packs, which equip the bike with around 100bhp and a range of some 110 miles. Being electric, the clutchless bike has maximum torque available instantaneously, thus offering a very different (and exhilarating) riding experience. ‘Saietta’ means ‘thunderbolt’ in an Italian dialect, apparently: quite apt, given the bike’s sub-three-second 0-60mph time. 

Photos: Saietta Motorcycles

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