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Revival Cycles’ BMW ‘Landspeeder’ tears up the rulebook

This custom ‘BMW Landspeeder’ by Texas-based builder Revival Cycles will inevitably divide opinion, but it’s so radically different from the countless other custom bikes we see that it simply had to be featured…

Creativity personified

This unusual creation, built by Revival Cycles, is inspired by Ernst Henne’s extraordinary BMW R37 Land Speed Record racer from 1928 and was commissioned by a collector to display in a gallery he was building. Though the folks at Revival knew the bike would never be ridden, they weren't going to build merely a sculpture. Free of the constraints of homologation, they were able to push the boundaries of technology and design, and create something truly different by today’s standards, yet remarkably faithful to the original bike. It’s different in several key ways, though – it employs a flat-cut steel frame rather than a tubular one, a far more advanced suspension system, and a modern BMW engine. While this bike will probably never be seen in public, we’re pleased to hear that Revival will build a second example that will be a ‘real’ race bike, to follow in Henne’s tyre tracks… 

Photos: Revival Cycles

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