Is this the most fun you can have on two wheels?

Watch enviously as an eclectic collection of motorbikes are slid around a frozen lake in the Italian Alps courtesy of Deus ex Machina, with a special appearance from a French rally hero…

Cooler than cool

Most see a frozen lake and a barometer at -15 Celsius and decide to stay inside. Others opt to fit their motorbikes with studded tyres, strap on a helmet, carve a racetrack into said lake, and invite all their friends down to race, eat, drink, and be merry. As this short film shows, this looks just as amazing as it sounds, and these men and women are clearly unhinged. Now in its second year, this glorious gathering is known as the Snow Quake, organised by Deus Ex Machina, and if this year’s footage is anything to go by, we cannot wait for the next event, assuming there are any brave enough competitors left…

Photo: Marco Renieri / Deus Ex Machina

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