Join the electric revolution with the Meijs Motorman electric moped

Designed to make life in the city that little bit easier, the electric-powered Meijs Motorman is a simple yet remarkably elegant throwback to the early 20th Century board track racers…

The perfect balance

Increasingly popular with pollution-conscious fashionistas throughout Europe, the Motorman, according to its designer Ronald Meijs, is said to be ‘the perfect balance between durability, function and design’. And while its credentials – 43 miles of range, a top speed of 28mph and a six-hour recharge time – perhaps don’t make it the ideal machine for longer journeys, it certainly lends itself to battling through the city at rush hour. You’ll be as comfortable on that spring-mounted leather seat as you are green, too – no spluttering exhaust fumes to talk of here. There are myriad customisation options, though the basic jet-black model is the one we’d plump for, being the ‘designer’s choice’. Prices start at 4,750 euros (ex. VAT). 

Photos: Meijs

You can find more information about the Meijs Motorman here.