Electric Shock: The Icon E-Flyer bicycle

This retro beauty is the Icon E-Flyer, an electrically powered bicycle inspired by the hairy-chested board racers that were seen careering around oval ‘Murderdromes’ throughout America in the early 20th Century…

Developed by Icon in collaboration with Vintage Electric in California, the chic cycle aims to capture the classic elegance of the American board track racers that raced at the very dawn of the motorcycle age. Don’t be fooled by the vintage styling, though; the E-Flyer is crammed with state-of-the-art technology.

The ultimate in retro-cool, each example is hand-built around a hydroformed aluminium frame and finished in a stylish powder-grey. Features include billet aluminium and steel forks, Avid disc brakes, an LED headlight and an ultra-cool leather saddle, hand-stitched by Brooks England Ltd. And that’s before you get to the trick EV system.

Power comes from either the person pedalling, or a 3,500-watt brushless DC hub motor, itself deriving power from a 52-volt battery, aided by clever regenerative braking and fully charged in just two hours. In street-legal mode, 750 watts from the motor allow up to 20mph for 35 miles (more than enough to hold your own on the morning commute), while race mode unleashes the full 3,500 watts, propelling the bike up to 36mph; perfect if you find you have an abundance of old wooden boarding and several friends to race against. And you certainly won’t be late for work astride the quickest electric bike on the market.

The E-Flyer’s versatility means it’ll be right at home wherever you take it – be it cruising nonchalantly along a riverside path, or powering along a winding mountain road. Just 50 examples are being planned, priced at $4995, and you should strike quickly because, as Icon puts it, they will not be around for long.

For more information visit www.Iconelectricbike.com.