The e-bike phenomenon: Cycling in style

As with the automotive industry, electrification is becoming more common in the world of cycling. London-based Classic Driver dealer Romans International has formed a dedicated branch of its business that specialises in e-bikes which have a particular focus on style and ground-breaking technology…

Dealing with supercars on a daily basis, Ben Jaconelli – son of Romans International founder Paul – was finding it difficult to hold onto his licence. “I wanted a mode of transport which kept me on the right side of the law, yet possessed the same style as the cars I drive as part of my job,” he told Classic Driver. “I began researching simply to find a personal solution, but once I saw the standards of the e-bikes being offered by certain manufacturers, it made sense to start selling them alongside the high-end cars in our showroom.”

Romans International currently deals with the offerings of two companies: M55 and the quirky French outfit Moustache Bikes. At the moment, M55 produces a classically styled ‘Riviera’ – with a rustproof titanium frame, hand-made leather details, and a Swiss-made belt drive system in place of a chain – as well as the ‘Terminus’. The latter is essentially what an eco-aware Tony Stark would ride, with titanium, carbonfibre and aluminium aplenty. Derestricted, it will reach speeds of over 50mph.

Moustache Bikes offers a range of stylish formats, including not only city and mountain bikes, but also ‘Walkbikes’ for children. Available at a more affordable price point, ‘Moustaches’ exhibit classic style with pleasant detailing (notice the whitewall tyres, for example) and are backed by electronic technology from Bosch.

Photos: M55, Moustache Bikes

A selection from Romans International’s stocklist – including both e-bikes and high-end motor cars – can be found in the Classic Driver Market.