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The Ducati Scrambler is so 2015 – meet 2017’s pair of Husqvarnas

Husqvarna, the Swedish motorcycle manufacturer inextricably linked with Steve McQueen, has announced it will put the pair of classy 401 concepts it revealed at EICMA 2014 into production…

No doubt inspired by the success of not only its own pair of concepts, but also another pared-back nod to the past – the revived Ducati Scrambler – Husqvarna has cited 2017 as the expected year of arrival for the ‘productionised’ pair of 401 concepts. Going by the names ‘Vit Pilen’ and ‘Svart Pilen’ (White Arrow and Black Arrow respectively), the bikes are inspired by the Silver Pilen of the 1950s.

Don't call them ‘retro’...

In an interview with Swedish magazine Bike, Husqvarna MD Reinhold Zens confirmed a 2017 launch, stating that time was necessary to make the bikes fit for the road. “They [the production versions] might not look exactly the same, as the concepts are design-based dreams, while a finished model must follow laws and regulations, but they will definitely have the same style.” However, despite their obvious links with the past, he’s quick to avoid ‘retro’ connotations. “Retro motorbikes often have old technology and redundant engines. We look at the very best technology we have, including brand new engines, while maintaining the link to the classic and the brand’s heritage by design.” In two years, we’ll find out just how successful that transition from concept to customer proves to be.

Photos: Husqvarna

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