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This custom Triumph Bonneville T100 was designed to stand out

Do you like your Triumphs to be traditional but prefer the convenience and peace-of-mind of a modern bike? Then this Bonneville T100 by Clutch Custom Motorcycles might just fit the bill…

Elegantly reworked by the folks at Clutch Custom Motorcycles in Paris, the most obvious change to the standard bike is the new handcrafted fuel tank, squared off and finished in a stunning (if slightly deeper) shade of British Racing Green, reflecting the bike’s English roots. But the modifications go so much further.

Beyond cosmetic 

The whole frame has been extensively altered and lowered, the engine has been adapted with internal cooling to get rid of the ungainly external radiator, and it’s got new forks, wheels and a raft of beautifully machined features such as that intricate fuel-filler cap. Ultimately, it’s a nod to the past, but rooted firmly in the present.

Clutch is fronted by Willie Knoll, an American ex-fashion photographer who fell in love with the custom motorcycle scene in Paris; so much so that he put down his camera for good and opened up his own independent shop in the trendy 12th arrondissement. And he doesn’t just buy parts in to stick to the bikes; all the work is done in-house, be it reworking, machining or welding. All this in a bid to stand out – it’s a success, we reckon. 

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