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A very special Ferrari 275 GTB: ‘N.A.R.T. Spider’ by any other name

While only ten 275 GTB/4s were officially built as convertibles, a small number of two-cam coupés were later converted to ‘N.A.R.T. Spider’ specification. This is one such.

As a berlinetta, Ferrari’s first 275 GTB is now highly prized and considered by many to be superior to the rare, more expensive four-cam. The great Maranello company never made a convertible version, so it took the persuasive powers of its North American distributor Luigi Chinetti to entice Ferrari to produce just ten convertible 275 GTB/4s, forever known as ‘N.A.R.T. Spiders’, N.A.R.T. standing for the North American Racing Team.

These cars have always been sought-after and, in today’s climate are worth, well, what do you think? As a guide, RM says $14,000,000 - 17,000,000 for the delicious, one-owner example it will offer in Monterey this weekend.

But the car we have here, available from Classic Driver dealer Simon Furlonger, is something a little different. It was originally a coupé and delivered via Maranello Concessionaires to a British owner in October 1966.

In the 1970s it passed to connoisseur of fine cars, dealer and racing driver Brian Classic. Using a friend’s original as a template, he converted the coupé into a N.A.R.T. Spider replica, keeping its original roof and rear window (which accompany the car today).

Since then, in 1991, the svelte roadster has benefited from a £26k restoration by Maranello Concessionaires. It also now carries six Webers, courtesy of work completed by marque expert Terry Hoyle.

After its 1990s restoration, the then-owner drove the car to meet Luigi Chinetti Jnr. who, having seen and been impressed by it, donated the enamel N.A.R.T. badge still fixed to the rear panel today. Fine praise indeed.

Photos: Simon Furlonger

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