Aston Martin’s ‘technical partnership’ with AMG will mean new, bespoke V8s

A letter of intent, signed today by the great British company and Mercedes-AMG GmbH, opens the door for an all-new range of high-tech V8s to feature in future Aston Martins.

Since Aston’s move to Gaydon, its engines and powertrain systems have been sourced mainly from Ford, at the time owner of Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover.

Nowadays, an engine is just one important part of a complex system of electronics controlling performance, economy and emissions. For such a small company, it’s no longer economically viable to develop its own systems – hence the tie-up with AMG, masters of powerful, economical petrol engines.

And there will also be the opportunity to share parent company Mercedes-Benz’s knowledge of advanced automotive electronics.

For all of this, Aston Martin will remain fiercely independent – although Daimler AG will own a stake of up to five per cent non-voting shares in it “depending on the progress of the agreement”, as part of the deal.