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Turn your local molehills into mountains in this Ferves Ranger

The Fiat 500 spawned many imaginative and adorable micro-machines, but perhaps none are as charmingly rugged as this Ferves Ranger coming up for auction at Aguttes’ Autumn Sale on December 14th.

It’s safe to say the original Fiat 500 was somewhat of a smash hit. After nearly 4 million of the Italian micro cars rolled off the production lines, it’s unsurprising that a few industrious minds used the Fiat 500 as the basis for their own specialised projects. We’re all familiar with the fun-loving spiaggine beach cars like the Jolly, but you might not know that the 500 also spawned a mountain-dwelling cousin. This 1965 Ferves Ranger 4X4 is one of those cars, and it’s coming up for auction with Aguttes in their Autumn Sale on December 14th

As you’d expect, this pint sized explorer is powered by a rear-mounted 499cc two-cylinder engine, capable of propelling the Ranger to a death-defying 45 mph. While that isn’t exactly record-breaking pace, we’d wager you would be able to hit that top speed almost anywhere, with the Ranger being perfectly in the mountains, at the seaside, and everywhere in between. This fabulous green example is not only incredibly rare as one of around 600 units ever made, but it also appears to be in great condition, benefitting from a fairly recent restoration. So, if a Citroën Mehari or a classic Ranger Rover are simply too obvious for your tastes, why not take this plucky Ranger for a ride?