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Now is the time to invest in Generation Z with the Bonhams Bonmont sale

First it was the young-timers, but now we’re finding more and more collectors investing in cars from the mid-90s onwards. The upcoming Bonhams sale in Bonmont on June 20th has a fine selection to choose from, we picked our favourites.

Cars that were once seemingly unavailable, are now at values that mean those of us who aspired to own cars like the Aston Martin Vanquish, Mercedes G-Class, SLR McLaren, Lancia Integrale and Ferrari 550 can now consider them. Of course, we all have different budgets and the upcoming Bonhams sale in Switzerland on the 20th June has a car for all budgets if ‘90s and ‘00s is something lacking from your garage right now.

The Porsche 996 may have been gently rising for sometime. Turbo and 4S models are now classed as great purchases, but a nice, early C2 remains a great investment. The car offered by Bonhams is sadly a Tiptronic model, but was won by Martina Hingis in the 1997 WTA Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart. Being a '97 car also makes it one of the first cars off the production line for the 996 model.

The Mercedes-Benz G650 Maybach Laundaulet is one of the most insanely brilliant cars to come out of the factory in many years. So wrong it’s right. Just 99 cars were built, and this example is presented in ‘as new’ condition. What better way to drift around a frozen lake than sat in the back, reclined and with the roof down.

At the other end of the spectrum is the extreme Lamborghini Diablo GTR, this car won the 2001 Supertrophy series and is number 11 of 30 cars produced for Lamborghini’s one-make series. Finished in white with a black Alcantara interior, this is a blank canvas to add your dream racing livery too and get it out on track for some serious GT fun!


10 Generation Z cars, you can’t live without:

You can view the full auction listings for the Bonhams Bonmont sale in the Classic Dreiver Market.