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Lamborghini 'Koenig' Countach by Benedict Radcliffe

Here at Classic Driver we love to tease and tempt you with ultra-rare and special cars from upcoming auctions. Today’s no different, except that the lot we’ve chosen isn’t technically a car. That’s not to say it won’t take pride of place in your collection, though…

This wacky wire-frame replica of the Lamborghini Countach – dubbed the ‘Koenig’ – is the brainchild of UK artist and sculptor, Benedict Radcliffe. Using a whopping 160 feet of 10mm steel rods, painted in an eye-catching fluorescent orange, Radcliffe skilfully reproduced an accurate hollow frame of the iconic 80s supercar.

It’s life-size, too, meaning you’ll need at least 14 feet (and six feet across!) of free space if you’d like to ogle it in your living room. Well, Lamborghinis were never known for their petite dimensions, were they?

In an amusing publicity stunt the sculpture was ‘parked’ on the streets of London, confusing passers-by, some of whom, upon further inspection of the mysterious frame, actually climbed inside. Perhaps inevitably, the car received a parking ticket. Boo! We hope the artist appealed. 

The ‘Koenig’ Countach will go under the hammer with no reserve at RM’s Paris sale, taking place on 5 February 2014 during the world-famous Retromobile week. 

Photos: RM Auctions

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