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Is the Bertone-designed Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint the marque’s most underrated model?

Often overshadowed by its smaller siblings such as the GT Junior and GTV, the Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint Bertone was the marque’s last in-line six-cylinder grand tourer. Now, you could add one of these rare Alfas to your collection at Osenat’s upcoming auction on November 6th.

There’s certainly no shortage of eye-candy at Osenat’s Automobiles de Collection sale on November 6th, but what really caught our eye was this rare 1967 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint Bertone. Designed by a young Giorgetto Giugiaro, the 2600 Sprint is not only outstandingly beautiful, but it’s also incredibly significant in the history of Alfa Romeo, representing the marque’s final in-line six-cylinder model before the more economical 4-cylinders became the norm. However, despite the ultra-sweet engine and it’s beguiling good looks, the 2600 Sprint remains a relatively unloved model in Alfa Romeo’s back catalogue. 

The explanation for this is relatively simple: the 2600 Sprint was not a cheap car, and it’s elevated pricetag meant it didn’t fair well in comparisons against it’s admittedly brilliant smaller, cheaper siblings. All in, around 7,000 units of the 2600 Sprint were built, with this red example from 1967 being one of the last to leave the factory before Alfa abandoned the model in 1968. Benefitting from a fully restored engine and gearbox and a recent realignment, this grand tourer looks simply outstanding in its original colour combination. Capable of seating four in impeccable style, we think it’s time the 2600 Sprint got the recognition it deserved. So, if this stunning Italian GT has caught your eye, be sure to check out the listing below!