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Wheels on the wall: Petrolified's print of classic Japanese rims

The Japanese are simply crazy about jewellery-like rims. Now, some of the wackiest wheels in Far-Eastern car culture are available in 2D format – more precisely, as a poster series…

Wheels are like the cufflinks of cars – relatively basic in isolation, but get them wrong and you spoil the whole ensemble.  The Japanese recognised this long ago and hence have awarded their cars these finishing touches. Some collectors prefer to consign the rarest pieces to the safety of their living rooms rather than expose them to the risks of the road. For your own living room wall, Petrolified – a new Slovakian online shop for car enthusiasts – has now created an A2-format print showing the most memorable Japanese wheel designs.

Photos: Petrolified

You can find these prints at Petrolified's online store.