Great achievements, illustrated by MassifCentral

Achieved something special on your bicycle recently? Looking for an utterly unique and stylish keepsake to remember it by? MassifCentral can illustrate your achievement like no-one else…

Your data, illustrated

According to the brand’s founders, cyclists and designers James Mason and Howard Smith, the amount of data that is produced during an epic cycling adventure is staggering. MassifCentral takes this raw data – the distances, the speeds, the routes, the climbs, the photos and the memories, and condenses them into a striking framed artwork that can be treasured for years to come. Speaking to Classic Driver, Mason said, “The idea was born from a cycling trip, covering the length of Italy, with four friends over two weeks. We talked about creating an illustration as a trophy but also as a form of documenting our trip. The worst thing when embarking on these adventures is how quickly the details and memories fade once you're home. Photos are great, but only tell a fraction of the effort and determination."

He continued, "I wanted to offer sporting competitors the ultimate memento of their adventures and achievements. In theory, the artworks can be adapted to almost any kind of sporting achievement, creating an illustration that can be annotated with almost any type of data."

Photos: MassifCentral

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