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The Ferrari Rainbow lives on in this surreal parallel world

In his surreal graphic fantasy world, the Austrian photo artist Clemens Ascher sets the scene with lost-looking people and exotic cars set against brutalist monumental architecture. In his latest series, the mythical Ferrari Rainbow makes a guest appearance…

Designed by Marcello Gandini for Bertone in 1976, the Ferrari Rainbow is certainly one of the more strange creatures from the golden era of Italian concept cars. The space-age racer appeared so edgy, as though it was designed by a geometry professor on LSD. While the futuristic wedge remained a one-off in ‘our’ world, it now inhabits fantastic parallel worlds created by the London-based photographer and artist Clemens Ascher. The strangely beguiling artworks are available as fine prints on the artist’s website, in addition to other motifs from the ‘Of Rainbows and Monuments’ series. 

Photos: Clemens Ascher